About Waikato Heavy Horse Association

The Waikato Heavy Horse Association was formed in 1979 by some older gentlemen who had used horses all their lives and wanted to pass on their knowledge to the young enthusiasts of the day and therefore keep alive the heavy horse who at the time was destined to the history books!

The aim of the Waikato Heavy Horse Association Incorporated is:
 The conservation of the heavy horse and the work it does.
 The promotion of its use in all aspects of farm, commercial, and pleasure work.
 Teaching the caring, handling, working, and the art of showing them.
 To meet at demonstration days and encourage each other whilst exchanging views and information.

We hold a field day approximately every month with activities such as ploughing, haymaking, treking, driving, wheelwrighting, blacksmithing, showing, teaching/training days, and anything else to do with heavy horses.

The Waikato Heavy Horse Association has approximately 60 members and welcomes new members whether they have horses or not.  Membership is $40 per annum and for this you get a very informative news letter approximately every two months, free advertising on this website, and access to training and fun days.

If you are interested in using heavy horses for work or pleasure, or you would like to enjoy a nice day out surrounded by heavy horses, we invite you to join our association.

2011 Waikato Heavy Horse Association, established 1979 to promote and conserve the use of heavy horses in New Zealand.